Asylums, Manors, Houses & Hospitals.

This section features some of the few remaining asylums in the UK and a selection of derelict hospitals and houses. Most of these locations have vast amounts of personal belongings remaining and the walls echo a story of the past. Asylums have always been my most loved explore; They have an eerie feel, especially Severalls in Essex.

In the past, Psychiatrists were free to experiment with new treatments on patients seemingly at will, using practices now considered unsuitable such as electro-convulsive therapy (ECT) and the use of frontal lobotomy. The use of these treatments peaked in the 1950s. Women were admitted by their own family, sometimes as the result of bearing illegitimate children or because they had been raped. As they would not always (or were unable to) carry out daily tasks, they were considered to be insane and some were even subjected to ECT and lobotomy.